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over 1 year ago

Join the Office Hours on April 22 at 3PM ET

It’s almost time for another office hours session with Eric and Trenton!

We encourage you to join the Discord tomorrow, April 22nd at 3PM ET to help you move along with your submission. 

There are a little over two weeks left until the deadline, so come with some questions prepared. If you’re unsure about the requirements to be eligible or need a peer to discuss your game idea, this is the perfect time to spark a dialogue .

Here are a few Q&As and resources from the last two Office Hours to help you:
  • Question: What do you perceive to be the most prevalent vulnerabilities in the workplace?
  • Answer from Eric: Passwords. We still see horrific guessable passwords.
  • Question: What are some areas of cyberliteracy that you think the average person should be informed about? (aka what would be good educational topics for a game)?
  • Answer from Trenton: I can think of a hundred topics that are worth informing the average person about. One of the fun things about gamification is it helps some of the key concepts stick, when they may be perceived as boring or not needed otherwise. I love teaching people how to hack....because it helps explain WHY certain security controls matter. Telling people to use long passphrases just seems to make their lives harder. Helping people run an automated brute-force attack to 'hack' something in a gamified way may help them think twice next time they go to set a short password. Passwords, patching, phishing, vishing, malicious downloads, privacy, etc....are all areas ripe for interesting gamification.
Resources on Gamification

Bonus funny quote from user John: "I think that the Surgeon General came out and stated that Vaporware is worst for you than smoking software." 

Unable to attend? No worries. You can also visit the resources tab for technical tips and tutorials.